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About 'Bathing Among The Aislings & Green Men'

Hello, I am John Willmott, aka Woodland Bard and welcome to my Bathing Among Aislangs & Green Men portal.

'Bathing Among Aislangs & Green Men' is part my four book Bathing series that is and will be supported by videos, music audio version, workshops, presentations, courses, and social events.

The thoughts and contents of this book and connected services include ...
Enchanting ourselves back to the language of trees and plantsEnchanting ourselves into the folklore of nature, it's entity realms, and sicovering abundant inspiration and guidance from themHow to let go and bathe in the 'magic' of sensory perception for connection and direction How to become fluid with our poetry and journaling and be confident of it.How our inspired poetry can be valuable personal prophesy and clarity.Converting frustrations, obsessions, and longings for love, into a peaceful calming embrace that sustains within usUsing folklore to serve wisdom rather than fear about who we are …